Psychological Operations (PSYOP)

”Gentlemen! We have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the United States government.” So begins a statement being delivered by Gen. Carl W. Steiner, former Commander-in-chief, U.S. Special Operations Command. At least the voice sounds amazingly like him.But it is not Steiner. It is the result of voice “morphing” technology developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. We already know that seeing isn’t necessarily believing,but i guess hearing isn’t either.

By taking just a 10-minute digital recording of Steiner’s voice, scientist George Papcun is able, in near real time, to clone speech patterns and develop an accurate facsimile. Steiner was so impressed, he asked for a copy of the tape. Steiner was hardly the first or last victim to be spoofed by Papcun’s team members. To refine their method, they took various high quality recordings of generals and experimented with creating fake statements. One of the most memorable is Colin Powell stating “I am being treated well by my captors.” “They chose to have him say something he would never otherwise have said,” chuckled one of Papcun’s colleagues.

“Capture their minds and their hearts and souls will follow” Read the rest of this entry »


The Elite…and free Gaza movement.

Gaza is a window on our coming dystopia. The growing divide between the world’s elite and its miserable masses of humanity is maintained through spiraling violence. Many impoverished regions of the world, which have fallen off the economic cliff, are beginning to resemble Gaza, where 1.6 million Palestinians live in the planet’s largest internment camp. These sacrifice zones, filled with seas of pitifully poor people trapped in squalid slums or mud-walled villages, are increasingly hemmed in by electronic fences, monitored by surveillance cameras and drones and surrounded by border guards or military units that shoot to kill. These nightmarish dystopias extend from sub-Saharan Africa to Pakistan to China. They are places where targeted assassinations are carried out, where brutal military assaults are pressed against peoples left defenseless, without an army, navy or air force. All attempts at resistance, however ineffective, are met with the indiscriminate slaughter that characterizes modern industrial warfare. Read the rest of this entry »

Zara Yaquob with Descartes on methods of thinking

I would like Zara Yacob to introduce himself in his own words:

I was born in the land of the priests of Aksum. But I am the son of a poor farmer in the district of Aksum; the day of my birth is 25th of Nahase 1592 A. D., the third year of the year of [King] Yaquob. By Christian baptism I was named Zara Yacob, but people called me Warqye. When I grew up, my father sent me to school in view of my instruction. And after I had read the psalms of David my teacher said to my father: “This young son of yours is clever and has the patience to learn; if you send him to a [higher] school, he will be a master and a doctor.” After hearing this, my father sent me to study zema. But my voice was coarse and my throat was grating; so my schoolmaster used to laugh at me and to tease me. I stayed there for three months, until I overcame my sadness and went to another master who taught qane and sawsaw. God gave me the talent to learn faster than my companions and thus compensated me for my previous disappointment; I stayed there 4 years. During those days, God as it were snatched me from the claws of death, for as I was playing with my friends I fell into a ravine, and I do not know how I was saved except by a miracle from God. After I was saved I measured the depth of the ravine with a long rope and found it to be twenty-five fathoms and one palm [deep]. Thanking God for saving me, I went to the house of my master. After this I left for another school to study the interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. I remained ten years in this type of study; I learned the interpretations of the Frang and of our own scholars. Oftentimes their interpretation did not agree with my reason; but I withheld my opinion and hid in my heart all the thoughts of my mind. Having returned to my native Aksum, I taught for four years. But this period was not peaceful: for in the XIX of king Susanyos, while afons, a Frang, was Abuna, two years [after his arrival] a great persecution spread over all Ethiopia. The king accepted the faith of the Frang, and from that time on persecuted all those who did not accept it. Read the rest of this entry »

Are you Awake?

Isn’t it obvious that there is a significant global awakening happening? It can no longer be argued that a great many people are finally becoming aware of what has been hidden from them for so long. Of course this awakening is not an overnight process. takes time to peel away the many layers of lies to get to the core of the ultimate truths.It would be beyond pretentious for us to claim to know all of the secrets of the universe. We don’t. Everyday we are humbled by what we don’t yet know.However, it is becoming clearer by the day what isn’t true. And by that measure alone, it is possible to determine if you’re one of the people beginning to wake up.

Here are ten signs you may be fully awake:

1. You know there’s no meaningful difference between major political parties : It’s so easy to get caught up the left-right debate and believe there’s a difference between the two major political parties. However, debate is one thing, while actions are another. By their deeds you shall know them, and it is indisputable that there is no significant difference between political parties when it comes to action on the most important issues.  Read the rest of this entry »

Psychopath Extraordinaire and Puppetmaster-General

Oligarchy,democracy and meritocracy

The first and second definitions of democracy in Webster’s dictionary are: 1 : “a government by the people; esp : rule of the majority 2 : a government in which the supreme power is held by the people.”

Now, this sounds very appealing to people who are interested in freedom and justice for all. Indeed, it is a great concept, one held by the majority of enlightened cultures that have appeared in the past 2,500 or so years. Unfortunately, life has not been so utopian, and in many places and eras, power has been held by what have been called tyrants and despots, feudal lords and egomaniacs who sat in power because of “divine right to rule.” Contrary to such a flowery notion, most of these “leaders” came into power through physical force and an array of atrocities. This trend continues to this day in too many parts of the world, with banana-republican dictators scattered here and there like so many weeds. In the popular version of history, the righteous human struggle has been to destroy these autocracies and replace them with the ever-liberating “democracy,” so that civil rights will be mandated and enforced, and all people will have a chance to lead a decent life. Read the rest of this entry »

JP Morgan & the House of Saud

The elite must constantly manufacture fake bad guys to divert criticism from their hegemonic global banking cartel. Not coincidentally, the bad guys always possess a resource which the bankers covet. Western intelligence agencies serve as spearhead in designing and implementing these psyops. Since oil greases the Illuminati’s City of London money shuffle, the Middle East is naturally home to a plethora of “bad guys”. (The following is excerpted from Chapter 3: JP Morgan & the House of Saud: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence.)
In the 1920’s a young Egyptian named Hassan Al-Banna revived the Muslim Brotherhood, which had its origins in the same Grand Lodge of Cairo that also spawned Cabala, Freemasonry, Knights Templar and their Illuminati board of directors. Al-Banna was an admirer of Adolf Hitler. During the 1930s his group became a secret arm of Nazi Intelligence. During WWII the Palestine-based Grand Mufti went to Germany as a Muslim Brotherhood representative to recruit an international SS division of Arab Nazis. Based in Croatia, the group was known as the Handzar Muslim Division. Read the rest of this entry »